Working with iwi - the history of the Whanganui river and its people

Whatever your Māori history content and context, the first step in building a successful Māori history curriculum is engaging collaboratively with local iwi and hapū.

Iwi and hapū are the history experts in your local area, the holders of connections to important people and stories from the past, and  the history makers of the future. While establishing and maintaining a school-iwi relationship that is beneficial to both parties takes time and commitment, it gives depth, authenticity, and relevance to the work you and your students are undertaking.  

Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au

Whanganui iwi have partnered with local schools to develop resources around the different perspectives of the causes and events of the battle of Moutoa Island. For the schools, the greatest learning is not so much about the battle itself as the tikanga of engaging with the people of Whanganui river. Find out how Whanganui iwi and the local schools worked together to explore the history of this area and its river.