Place-based education

The stories and histories relating to your school’s geographic location will assist you to instill a deeper sense of personal identity and belonging for every student. Focusing  history learning in a familiar place  allows assumptions to be challenged and new perspectives to be explored. While you may choose to show the links between local, national and global history, place-based history also acknowledges the different experience of Māori across Aotearoa, and allows students to explore local tikanga and the events that have shaped their own community.

Place-based education and Māori history

Professor Wally Penetito, Ngāti Hauā, describes place-based education as having three strands:

  • a place-based curriculum that lets students examine knowledge and events from where their feet stand

  • a place-based pedagogy that takes into account the tikanga of where you are teaching;

  • the idea of challenging your own “taken-for-granted” world