Suggested contexts

Contexts you can use to shape a Treaty based programme of learning. 

  • The Treaty of Waitangi

    • What is the history of the Treaty of Waitangi in your local area and how does it relate to the present day? Carry out an iwi investigation

    • Can Treaty settlements can ever be fully and finally settled?

    • What economic drivers were there for the Treaty of Waitangi?

  • Legal system and impact on Māori

    • What were the intentions, philosophies, and understandings that underpinned colonisation? Do any of them continue today?

    • Is there a social and economic cost to legislation? Has there been in the past?

    • Does the Treaty of Waitangi apply to those who chose not to sign it, or were not invited to do so?

  • 1852 Constitution Act and its impact

    • What were the local, national and global impacts of the Act?

    • From Governer Grey’s perspective, were their any specific impacts for Māori?

    • From a Māori perspective, were there any significant effects on Māori?

  • Māori Parliament

    • How have movements for Māori sovereignty and governance changed over time?

    • What events might have occurred had there not been a treaty?

  • Kīngitanga

    • Are the concerns that kingitanga tried to address still relevant today?

    • How did the kingitanga movement move from a local to national force? How did this shape and impact on wider New Zealand society?

Reconstruction of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi by unknown artist.