Suggested contexts

Contexts you can use to shape a place-based approach to your programme of learning. 

  • Place and migration

    • Has the concept of tūrangawaewawe changed? How and why? How might the meaning or value of place be perceived differently by Māori, by Pākehā?

    • How is place linked to history?  Is history the same as memory?

    • Explore the movement of local iwi over time – what were the economic push and pull factors? Whose choice was it to move?

  • Tourism

    • How does tourism in your area contribute to a certain view or perspective of local Māori people, culture and history?

    • In what ways has tourism strengthened or weakened Māori business and society in your area?

  • Urbanisation

    • How did urbanisation and colonisation interact in your local area?

    • What was the impact of post WW2 urbanisation for Māori identity and culture?