Example of programme design - Paul Enright

Māori history is “trending” at Logan Park

With support for the focus on Māori history, teachers at Logan Park High School are feeling more confident and developing relationships with iwi historians. They are finding a path forward.

We have kids coming in saying, “When do we do the New Zealand topic?” So word is spreading among the students as well. – Paul Enright

In a year 13 class of more than 40 students, 14 have chosen to undertake Māori history research projects.

Teachers are finding that students are drawn into the strength of the stories of Māori history. Exploring Māori history in the earlier years has led students to develop engagement and commitment to the subject in their senior years.

Paul Enright talks about how they are approaching Māori history at Logan Park High School.

'We’ve been developing a five-year programme for the humanities. Within that programme, there is a strong strand of Māori history, which builds from year 9 to year 13'.

Logan Park High School Five Year Plan (PDF, 602 KB)